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Healing Stone Collection

Pairs well with: finding your center

 have always loved collecting rocks. As a kid, you would find my pockets filled with unique shaped stones. From the color and texture, to the shine and layers.
Each bath bomb in this collection was inspired by some of my favorite stones. I carefully chose each fragrance and color to match the qualities I admired in the stone. 


Unicorn Horn Bath Bomb

I promised my daughter she would get to try this bath bomb. She is 8. She absolutely loved it! It was a soft scene, great on her skin and her Ariel Barbie doll approved as well! Turned the water a fun blue. Bubble taffy is next!
- Katey

Black Linen + Amber Bath Bomb

I was so impressed with how dark the color gets and the fantastic smell. My skin was so smooth after and the fragrance lasted a while! Even more exciting was the real Rose pedals! Felt like royalty!

Unicorn Tears Perfume

I get tons of compliments whenever I wear this perfume, it's a nice addition to my collection!

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