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Luxurious Bath Tea

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A perfect relaxing retreat after a long day!

The Fragrance

A gentle combination of natural rose, lavender, and jasmine fragrances.

How to Use It

Add a tablespoon of Bath Tea to a muslin bag, strainer, or add right to the bath as you prefer. While filling the tub, keep the tea bag under the running water. Tea can be used at least 2 times. Empty contents and discard when used. Rinse bag and allow to dry.

Rose Petals, Lavender Blossoms, Jasmine Flowers, White Sage, Rolled Oats, Epsom Salts

5 Tablespoon Bag (about .8 ounces, 5 baths) - In a reclosable plastic bag, no muslin bag included

10 Tablespoon Bag (about 1.55 ounces, 10 baths) - in a reclosable plastic bag, no muslin bag included

Small Jar (about 1.10 ounces, 7 baths) - in a plastic jar with a muslin bag included - a little more suitable for gifting.

Cruelty Free
Made with Biodegradable & Renewable Ingredients

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