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Aromatherapy Bracelet, Choose Your Color & Fragrance

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A little peace and balance, a little beauty. 

The Bracelet
The one-size-fits most bracelet consists of 8mm black lava stones with blue purple or pink accent stones with a gold hamsa hand with turquoise stone center on a jewelry quality elastic band. The bracelet measures 2.5" inches diameter.

The Hamsa or Hamesh Hand is an ancient amulet thought to be a protector from the envious or evil eye. It's also seen as a reminder to the wearer to praise God with all five senses. 

The Fragrance
Choose your fragrance from the list! 
This fragrance is not formulated to be added directly to skin, but rather more concentrated to add to the stone. Please remember not to use as a perfume.

How to use it

Place bracelet in non-porous dish, add a few drops of fragrance oil to the lava stones. Allow to dry before wearing.

Fragrance Options

Calming ~ Scented with a soothing blend of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, with notes of neroli and lily of the valley.

Passion ~ This scent blends floral notes such as lilac, gardenia, carnation, lavender, and hyacinth on a strong bouquet of roses.

Mood Enhance ~ An uplifting floral aroma of fresh picked roses, with base notes of jasmine and musk.

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Ginnie J.
This is THE best aromatherapy item I have ever purchased! The color is gorgeous and I chose Passion for my scent. IT. IS. AMAZING. The scent stays on for a LONG time! I'm a firefighter and you would think I would need to apply often but that is NOT the case! This is a great and solid bracelet for all your aromatherapy needs! :)