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Protecting Stones Air Freshener Sachet - WhippedUpWonderful
Protecting Stones Air Freshener Sachet - WhippedUpWonderful
Protecting Stones Air Freshener Sachet - WhippedUpWonderful
Protecting Stones Air Freshener Sachet - WhippedUpWonderful

Protecting Stones Air Freshener Sachet

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From my customers to my mail person, they've all asked me "do you make something for your car? I love how my car smells when I've had an order in it!"

At long last, a perfect little car air freshener, with a little magic too! 

My car air freshener sachets starts with purifying salts like rock salt & Himalayan salt - thought to be protective and purifying in old folklore when carried in a "medicine pouch". This is the perfect base to hold the fragrance oils of your choosing! 

Next was the fun part - a collections of semiprecious stones & herbs to not only add a little beauty, but also a touch of magic!

In the pouch you will also find a peony flower, juniper berries, sage, comfrey, and feverfew. Beautiful semiprecious stones to catch the light - amethyst, smoky quartz, yellow jasper, moonstone, and turquoise. 

To Use


Hang on your rearview mirror, or place in your car for a breath of fresh fragrance!

Add a drop or three of your accompanying fragrance to the salt. Fragrance should last about 2 weeks. Reapply whenever you need. 

Fragrance Options

Calming - Scented with a soothing blend of mandarin, lavender, chamomile, with notes of neroli and lily of the valley. 

Passion ~ This scent blends floral notes such as lilac, gardenia, carnation, lavender, and hyacinth on a strong bouquet of roses.

Mood Enhance ~ An uplifting floral aroma of fresh picked roses, with base notes of jasmine and musk.

Awake - Peppermint & Eucalyptus

Lavender Lemongrass // Lavender Chamomile // Lavender Citrus

The Herbs

Peony ~ Hung in home or car for protection

Juniper Berries ~ Thought to prevent theft

Comfrey ~ Thought to aid in safety during travel

Feverfew ~ Thought to protect against accidents

Sage ~ A cleansing and protecting herb

The Semiprecious Stones

Amethyst ~ It's thought to repel negative energy, and offers protection from thieves. 

Smoky quartz ~ Thought to be a great protection stone during travel. Some say it helps dissipate negativity and tensions that arise from travel, and protects from the chaotic energy of other travelers. 

Yellow jasper ~ Called a traveler's assistant stone, it's thought to keep the traveler grounded as the world moves by.

Moonstone ~ Folklore has called Moonstone the "traveler's stone". It's thought to be beneficial for protection during nighttime travel and is an all around good luck stone.

Turquoise ~ Used for centuries for old-world travelers, thought to bring safety and protection and prevent against theft. 

Magic Disclaimer 

My magic bags are made to freshen your space and offer you a little calmness of mind. They won't stop physics! Wear your seatbelt, don't text & drive! By law we must state that this product is sold as metaphysical curio items for entertainment purposes only. No health or medical claims are made at all, no claims of any are made regarding these products. The purchaser assumes all risks and liabilities in the use or misuse of these products.


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