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The Dream Team

Alexis Clare

I can't exactly remember when I stumbled over Allison's products - but I know it was because a mutual customer shared something, then she bought something from me... then I bought something from her.. and unbeknownst to me, a partnership was on the horizon!

Last fall when we were both crazy busy, I had a wild idea to do a collaboration. I asked Allison if she was up for it. She said YES! And then the avalanche of holiday orders happened, and it got pushed to a back burner. 

I reached out to Allison at the beginning of this month to revisit the collaboration idea, and of course, she still loved it. 

The rest is history - she sent me some fragrances, I dreamt up the colors and ingredients and just went wild in my workshop making them. I used Facebook Live officially for the first time (I used it briefly before, but didn't know what I was doing). I used colors that I've never tried together, and decorations on the bath bombs I've never used before. It was so much fun!!

You might think that since we are both in the Bath & Body Biz, we would be direct competitors. And I suppose that is sort of true? But I feel we both share a strong belief that there is room at this table for everyone, and that the best way to practice what you preach about feminist/boss lady goals is to push ladies up instead of putting them down.


Allison: Boss Lady, Perfumer, Cat Lover/Animal Person, Working on doctorate in Human Geography with a minor in food studies






Alexis: Lady Boss, Bath Bomb Maker, Dog Lover/Animal Person, BA in Studio Arts


I wanted to blog about our team up to express how you can't evolve in a bubble. The more creatives I pull around myself, the further I am pushed as a creative. 

And on top of all that, I feel like our customers are having just as much fun as we are! 

This has been a wild month full of new projects and ideas. Realistically, I know that all months can't be as fun as this one, but with creatives like Allison in my corner, I believe that good things are in store!

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