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The Day that Died

If you were like me, and woke up to this rude message from Instagram, I'm sure it freaked you out. After some quick searching, I found that Instagram and were having some drama.
That reminded me of my personal belief to never trust free 3rd party vendors. 
I don't know why this hadn't occurred to me. But I had my own website! I can make my own link tree page!
The following is a few how to's that will hopefully help you out. 
For Blogs
Regardless of where you host your blog, simply create yourself a new blog entry. Instead of the usual content, fill it full of pertinent links you want your clients to see: about me, contact page, recent blog post, etc. 
Add this new web address (shortened in bitly if you wish) to your instagram profile!
For eCommerce
Whether you use Square Space, Big Commerce, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, and the nameless other platforms - but this quick fix will work about the same for each. Create a new page. I use an app called PageFly* for Shopify, but you can create a standard page.
Create a nice heading or logo so people know where they are. Add hyper links or buttons with clear titles: Shop / Sign Up for the Newsletter / Contests / Blog .. etc. 
You can also create a bity link to place in your instagram profile, or link directly to this page. 
Either way - this brings clients directly to your website or blog, instead of having a third party direct them. 
(*PageFly allows me to create buttons, but Hyperlink text will work just as well.) 
I don't have this page navigable from my store, since it's really only for mobile clients. The good side is that you won't have drama if or other platform crashes or disappears over night, and you have complete control with branding since you already have a service working for you anyway! 
Happy Hustling, y'all!

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