My Magical Library Halloween Project

I love Halloween so much. I always felt like it was MY holiday. Since moving into the house, and having a teeny tiny bit of spare time, I wanted to do some fun projects. I've had a vision to have a library that was a hybrid of Sherlock Holmes and a witches den since basically forever. Since buying all these imaginary books is sort of out of the question (even though I did find a sweet and totally real Witchcraft book on Amazon). I decided to make my own books.

I came across a super cute Harry Potter Themed book cover project which was my jumping off point. I loved it, but I felt it was limited. I needed something... weirder. 

First, I painted some paper that wasn't being used. An alternative to painting paper is to buy some printer paper in some browns and parchment colors. My goal was not to spend a dime, and I have tons of paint and paper. 

I painted only down the middle, as that is the only part that will be visible. 

My palette consisted of muted "ghosty" tones. Browns, dark reds, red browns, dirty greens, etc. Go crazy with the colors if you are painting. Maybe you want a jewel tone library! Who am I to constrain you, you magical unicorn!

I made way too many. We started watching Luke Cage, and I just zoned out and painted about 40 pages. 

Next step was making my own template.

Fooling around in Numbers I made 2 templates, a big book and a little book size. You can download them here . I liked this because I could tweak the size of the cells just enough to change the size of the book. Each cell could be changed for either a design, a bordered cell, or a text cell.

My next step was just coming up with ridiculous names. I made books with such timeless topics as Gluten Free Potions, Magic in the Time of Tuberculosis, Poltergeists and How to Avoid Them at Parties, Crossfit Wizardry, and Spells for Back Pain.

I used ALL THE FONTS (except Papyrus which I feel is tired and overused, and obviously Comic Sans - or would that have made for an even more frightening library?). For the flourishes and designs on the book I downloaded a few extra fonts, which can also be found in the Template Download File. 

Last was to adorn my shelves with my new books. I folded the paper to fit around books, often covering a few books at a time (because who has time to cover all 100 books on that shelf?). 

Final touches will be a few perfectly placed skulls, some potion bottles, and cobwebs. We'll see if I can make myself take it down after Halloween. 

Invite the kids to join you on this one to come up with fun titles and painting the paper! 

I started a Halloween Pin Board here that you can check out for other fun projects. 

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