Meet the Stockist: Mint + Basil

Mint + Basil became one of my top stockists at the end of last year, and I am just gushing over their Social Media. I truly wish I could live in their store. I reached out to ask them a few questions. 

How long have you been in business?
The idea of MINT + BASIL was dreamed up by my husband, Donny, and myself in January 2015. We spend almost two years designing our space and curating our brand, and opened up our doors to downtown Fargo, North Dakota in October 2016.

What is your store's philosophy?
We live and die for detail – we make sure that whatever we are doing we are doing it with this in mind. Our store is built around a fresh, handmade, creative environment and whether we are adding new products to our store, or designing a new display, we always keep these details at the top of our minds to help portray a consistent brand image, and store philosophy, to our customers.

What do your customers love about your shop?
Our customers love the overall energy they feel when walking into the shop. Whether it’s the beautiful aroma of our bath bombs they smell upon arriving, or the coziness of our signature MINT + BASIL signature candle burning in the corner, or our lush green plants scattered about the shop – we constantly have people saying, “Can I just live here?!” Which we feel, is the highest compliment we can get!

What's your morning fuel?
Inner bath (two full cups of water right upon waking) + Bulletproof Coffee + Onnit Alpha Brain – this combination of “morning fuel” has changed my world, and puts me into a super-productive headspace!

What is your favorite shopping season and why?
Christmas. Because, Christmas. But really – you can’t beat the magical feeling of Christmas shopping. I truly look forward to doing a festive window display, hearing ‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’ every thirty minutes, glitter everything for sale, and hot tea sampling.


Follow their drool-worthy social media: here + here + here

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