Let's make a promise...

A big part of my focus with Whipped Up Wonderful is to make beautiful products that are absolutely luscious to use, with leaving almost no carbon footprint behind.

I use biodegradable wrapping, labels, and packaging in everything I make. And each new product goes through rigorous research to get the packaging just right.

There are a few things you can do in your everyday life to prevent plastic pollution. I've made a little list to help you out.

1.) Avoid bath product where the makers use glitter. Glitter is a micro-pollutant, and does just as much damage as a suffocating plastic bag (those little fish eat that stuff!)

2.) Switch to a reusable straw (stainless!) or go straw-less!

3.) Keep reusable utensils at the office and refuse disposable utensils in your take out.

4.) Bring a reusable shopping bag and use for all your shopping.

5.) Skip the disposable water bottles and use a (super cute) reusable bottle.

6.) Look for clothes made from natural fibers and not synthetics like polyester. Those little fibers come off and create micro pollution.

7.) Bring a ceramic coffee cup to get your coffee in the morning.

8.) Avoid items packed in plastic. I always grab the cardboard milk carton over the plastic one. I consider if the packaging looks like it was more thought out than the contents. A box of pasta tastes just as good as a plastic bag of pasta. A bath bomb in plastic is just as good as a bath bomb in biodegradable film. In fact, I believe that manufacturers are using more money in their packaging than their product. As a maker - those dollars and cents matter. I'd rather buy a fresher, organic ingredient than spending that money on fancy packaging.  

There are lists online that go on and on and on on what to do to avoid unnecessary plastic in your life, but I think taking these small steps are GOOD steps in the right direction. Let's make a promise and reduce our footprint! 

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