Just Say No to Glitter...

Every time I see glitter in bath products it makes me cringe. I want to reach out to the maker and say "YOU CAN DO BETTER!". Not because it gets everywhere, or can cut your eyes if worn around your peepers, or even because it gets everywhere (did I mention that already?). It's because it isn't recyclable or biodegradable and is a contributing factor to pollution and waste. 

Glitter, called  Polyethylene terephthalate on labels, commonly abbreviated as PET, is plastic. Like, plastic bottle plastic. 


“Because of its small size and durable nature, glitter is a continuous environmental pollutant. Glitter is commonly made from materials that are not readily biodegradable.  Being heavier than water, glitter sinks to the bottom of waterways and contributes to toxic sludges.”


Glitter in my opinion should be kept to paper goods, and arts and crafts. It shouldn't ever be used in make up, in hair products, or in bath products. When you wash the glitter from your body, it goes right into the water ways. 

So here's what I want you to do - avoid buying products with PET glitter in them. Search for products that use mica based minerals instead, if you are needing some shimmer. 

Don't be afraid to call out your favorite maker either! My ways were changed when one person asked me about the biodegradability of glitter. Send them my way! I'm happy to give them my "sources". 

So how do you clean up when you are using glitter at home? Don't wash it down the sink. Try to vacuum it up, and dispose of it in the trash. 

So just say no to glitter!

Anyway, you are sparkly enough without the fake stuff. 😍



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  • What about the so-called bio-glitter? Is it the same?

    Andrea L Sipe

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