It was a very large order

In February I was contacted by Korrina of OwlCrate. I'm pretty much a house hermit, so I'd never heard of this amazing subscription box. It's this super curated, divine collection of YA books and related goods. The amount of time they pour into each of the boxes is really something to see (I follow their instagram stories and I'm in awe of their hustle). 
I received an email via my website from Korrina. If you follow along with my blogs, you'll no doubt remember my New Year post where I said no more subscription boxes. If you know anything about me, I'm a master of saying one thing and doing another. Also, it was too fun a job to pass up. 
Korrina told me she wanted a super secret, custom designed bath bomb for the May box. And they needed a LOT. 
 There was so much planning to this order on my side. I needed to line up a space to store the bath bombs (because in a less than 300 sqft shop, that's not happening). I needed to line up my suppliers (because I can't store the 140 boxes and 20+ rolls of paper I'll need to pack all these). And get the fragrance and cosmetic colors in bulk so I can make sure they are as similar as possible. Then I needed to figure out my schedule and the "assembly line" of making these get done as efficiently as possible. 
For a small business, an order like this is pure luck. Some businesses will never see an order of this size. Others might see these more often. The thing is, for a small business, an order of this magnitude is either going to sink you, or you are going to take the reins and hold on. That's what we did. We said "full steam ahead!" and started on it immediately. I worked 16 hour days. My team of 2 employees came in between jobs. We worked nonstop. And remember, I didn't shut down the store during this time. I stopped taking new wholesale clients, but I let my current clients know that I had a large order. Other than that it was super secret. 
We carried each of the boxes in multiple trips to the fulfillment center. The employees at the center would often comment how they really enjoyed having the boxes there because they smelled so good. 
We finally delivered 116 boxes, and got them shipped out right on the deadline. 
This May, the boxes are being shipped out as I write this. 
What have I learned from this amazing opportunity? That I can conquer an order of this magnitude - with help. Because of my company's growth, I need a bigger space. It's a little bittersweet, because I love my workshop in the back of my house. I can go in, pet the dogs, feed the rabbits. Grab the mail. Make myself a cup of tea. Live in my own little world. *See above = house hermit. 
But I'm like a plant that's getting root bound. I need to get a bigger pot. 
Come mid July-August - I'm getting that new pot! I'll leave that story for later. 
This has been a WILD few months. Nonstop work, tons of new orders, and so many ideas floating around in my head. I'm so excited to see what comes next! 
I'm so looking forward to seeing all the pictures on social media! 

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  • I’m happy for your success / I have only been buying 2 years now from you but since you left Etsy Wholesale I cant seem to fulfill my Store needs – there’s not enough diversity offered – will you change this fall & offer more fall bath bombs ( not mini) wholesale so I can continue doing business with you ??

    Ione talese

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