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Fresh Year Fresh Start

Alexis Clare


I've never been one to adopt New Year's Resolutions. I'm too honest with myself to know I'm not giving up Cokes and chicken nuggets. And yes, in fact there will always be "clothes chair" right after doing a lot of laundry ... for at least a week. 

Something about my business life is different. It's probably because money is on the line and until my dogs get jobs and start paying rent, they are going to continue to need things like food and adorable sweaters. 

This year, after some record months and new wholesale clients, I'm changing some things up and I'm so excited to see if it works or not. First on my list is saying goodbye to subscription boxes. This is a little bittersweet, since I saw so many last year. The truth is they demand a ton of product in a small time frame, and that interrupts my wholesale and retail clients order fulfillment. Besides that, I don't seem to get a lot of return customers, which is sad. 

The second thing is a better record keeping system for my batches. My old way wasn't cutting it. This new way will allow me to better record any product complaints so I can pinpoint the problem to an ingredient or recipe. 

Third, moving out those slow sellers. The space they take on the shelf is too valuable. It also allows me to try new things, which keeps my shop from getting stale. 

There are some boring things like moving a shelf 6 inches down, and moving this product to this area - but even little things like that will help save time. I'm looking forward to making some fresh changes and getting back to work! 

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  • Love seeing your goals! I definitely have a clothes chair too ?

    Alex Hughes

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