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Favorite Things...

Alexis Clare

In three weeks I'll be attending my 4th Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. I can't tell you how excited I am! I absolutely love the Bash's not just for the care the Etsy Dallas Team pours into it, but the quality of the vendors! 
I have the pleasure to know a few vendors, but some are new to me this year!
These are some of the artists I'm most looking forward to buying from... 
I know.. I know... your first thought is... "do you have something to tell us, Alexis?"
No. My only children have 4 legs and are covered with hair. 
However ... this is the year of baby in my friend circle, and one can only make so many trips to Babies R Us without losing some parts of our soul. Baby clothes are always cute, but handmade baby clothes are a treasure, and I wouldn't put my friends babies any anything less than amazing, handmade items. 
I've given Mesa Blue Jewelry as gifts before, and yes, if I bought it for myself it's still technically a gift. 
Her crafts(woman) ship is AMAZING, her shop never gets stale - there is always a new piece, a stunning take on a simple design, and I can't wait to see the next thing! I follow her on Instagram for my daily dose of pretty. 
As an art student... I never really got into pottery. Something about the instructor coming around critiques with a baseball bat really made me think twice. LemonGlaze is sort of a Dallas staple. I can't remember all the shows I've seen them at! I'm always drawn in by their remarkable use of color, and their lacy delicate designs. They make wonderful statement pieces for a every day use or even just decorative use! Can you imagine a bowl of oranges nestled in these black and white bowls? Or a single bowl perched on your kitchen counter filled with cereal as you stand-eat your hurried morning breakfast? You deserve art in your life. 
This vendor hails from Austin! This is how cool the Spring Bash is... artists from all over Texas!
I'll let you in on a secret... candles are one of those things I *can* make... and *want* to make. But I realize I only have 24 hours in a day and 8 of those are filled with sleep, 2.5 are filled with hurriedly shoving food in my mouth, and the other 13.5 are filled with work. I don't have time to make them, and Luna Tigre makes darn good 100% soy candles. WITH WOODEN WICKS! I'm a sucker for wooden wicks. I love that gentle popping sound, and the glow of the flame is so much prettier. 
Anyway, I'll be buying a ton of these since I won't be going to Austin any time soon (sad face). 
So that's it... for now... my list of favorite things! I hope you'll come and see me! But no promises you'll actually catch me at my booth.. I might have gone out shopping. 

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