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Buzzfeed Post!

Alexis Strickland

I got an email today that one of my items was getting a ton of views. 

It was easy to track down the source, because one of my rad customers sent me a link. 

19 Unique Bath Bombs

Whoa! How cool is THAT! Such an honor that someone adds an item to a list like this. And look at all those other bath bombs! So many other things to try!

I'm a BIG believer in supporting local, and absolutely supporting other bath bomb (or soap, or lotion, or perfume, or lipstick....) sellers. There is so much room at the table, and each individual brings a different fun twist to the recipe. 

I also noticed a ton of traffic from a reddit post. I cannot tell you enough, how much this means to me! It is SUCH an honor to have a customer say "hey, try this brand!". I'm humbled and grateful for each of these little shout outs. 

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