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Organizational Dreams

Alexis Strickland

A customer on Instagram wanted me to show my workshop process. 
If you are new to Whipped Up Wonderful, I'll fill you in. This April, husband fellow & I packed our life up and moved a whole 9 blocks south. My previous workshop was a small converted one car garage. When I say small, I mean Itsy. 
I have a bad habit of expanding to fit my surroundings, much like a sponge or air. 
This workshop is much larger, and I have not skimped on my trips to Container Store.
The ergonomics of your environment can effect your productivity SO MUCH. When a space gets messy easily, or when you are short on space to store your inventory, or there was a party at your house this weekend and all of a sudden your workshop has become overflow for the extra things you want to hide - it was a constant challenge. 
Add to that, I'm actually not a very "neat" person!
My mantra for my workshop is the saying "A place for everything and everything in its place". 
The Pack & Ship station had to be first, as I was on a time crunch and needed to ship things out. My Make station is still in progress, though it's together enough to work, it's not as pretty as I like, and I'm having some placement issues with some of my ingredients. (I'm short and don't want 10 foot shelves).
The shop is not finished totally. There are little things I'd like to do (more shelves!). There are big things I'd like to do (electricity upgrades). 
But for now, it's a pretty little shop, indeed!

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